Easy Peasy Yorkshire Puddings

Easy Peasy Yorkshire Puddings

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Gluten-Free Yorkshire Puddings

The following is probably the most straightforward recipe you will ever get to make fluffy, gluten-free Yorkshire puddings. Just 4 ingredients are required and you are well away.

Please give it a go!

Ingredients for Yorkshire Puddings

Vegetable oil (to line the muffin tray)

100 grams gluten-free cornflour

3 medium eggs

150 ml milk

Pinch of salt (we use Himalayan salt, but ordinary cooking salt is acceptable)

Note: You can use tapioca starch instead of the cornflour.

Makes 6 Yorkshire Puds

Total 30 mins

  1. Preheat an oven to 200 degrees Centigrade(fan oven) or 220° degrees C/425°/F
  2. Add 1 full teaspoon of oil to each of the dips in a muffin tray, and put it in the oven for 12 – 15 mins to get the oil really hot.
  3. Whilst the muffin tray is heating up, start mixing the ingredients. Place the cornflour in a good-sized bowl or large jug, add the eggs (being careful not to get any eggshells in the mixture) and whisk. When the eggs and cornflour are combined, add the milk slowly, whisking as you go, little by little. Transfer to a jug if using a bowl.
  4. This next part requires speed and agility. Now, carefully extract the muffin tin from the oven using oven gloves, and as quickly as you can, pour your Yorkshire pudding batter into the dents, making sure that they are about three-quarters full and no more. Now quickly put the muffin tin back into the oven.
  5. The Yorkshire puddings should be cooked for around 15 – 20 minutes. You are looking for them to rise and to be a beautiful golden colour. Whatever you do, do not be tempted to open the door of the oven whilst they are baking, or you will have a failure on your hands.
  6. When you think they are done, give them a couple of minutes longer. The longer you leave them without them getting burnt will ensure that they stay inflated and fluffy.
  7. Extract the muffin tray from the oven, remove the Yorkshire puddings, and serve them up. Apart from the traditional way to serve them with roast meat, try filling them with different things.

They don’t need to be perfect. They just need to be light, fluffy, and well risen. Give them a go!

yorkshire puddings

For example:

The recipe makes for a great toad in the hole.

Serve them up for breakfast, with a fried egg and bacon insert;

Try a mushroom and brie filling;

Blackberry and apple pie filling goes well;

Make one big Yorkshire pudding, and use it as a pizza base, filled with yummy stuff;

How about turning them into profiteroles;

…and so on. Let your imagination run riot, and don’t just stick with Yorkshire puddings with your Sunday roast!

yorkshire puddings
Yorkshire pudding profiteroles – yummy

Check out over 50 filling ideas on Pinterest, to get more inspiration. (Ignore the batter recipe part of course – most are not gluten-free!)

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