Easy Mix Mince 150g


Easy Mix Mince – delicious!

Most people can’t tell them from the real thing, especially in spag bol, etc.

See what you think!

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Easy Mix Mince 150g (makes approx 450g mince mixture).

Ready-mix for the preparation of vegan mince for vegetable bolognese, yummy burritos, veggie pans and much more…

Mix your own mince – why Easy Mix Mince?

1 Mix your mince yourself and add it to your favourite recipe! It doesn’t get any fresher – and you can notice that!
2 Let your creativity run wild! You can give the mince your own touch and spice to your preference. However, our mince is delicious by itself too, without adding any extra spices.

The spices we have carefully selected create an authentic mince taste. You can easily mix the amount of mince you need by adjusting the amount of powder you use.
3 Do you have sudden visitors and therefore suddenly have to make do with whatever you have in stock?
Our Easy Mix powder has a (very) long shelf life and its sustainable packaging is resealable. This way you can always have our mince at home.

Easy Mix Mince Ingredients
Textured pea protein (pea protein, pea flour), thickener: methylcellulose, partially de-fatted sunflower seeds, rapeseed oil, rice flour, spices, enzymatically hydrolysed pea protein, flavours, table salt, beetroot, caramel powder (caramelised sugar syrup, maltodextrin).

1 Thoroughly mix 150g of the easy mix with 300ml of very cold water. Tip: cool your water quicker by adding some ice cubes.
2 Let the mixture swell in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
3 In a coated pan without oil, fry the mixture to the desired degree of browning while chopping it up.
Note: frying takes longer than conventional mincemeat.
4 Once cooked, use the mince in your favourite recipe.

What makes our Easy Mix Mince so special:

Bolognese, stuffed courgettes, wraps… The possibilities for comfort food with mince are endless. From now on, you can enjoy your favourite dishes completely vegan and guilt-free!

Our vegan mince contains…
✓ 20 important amino acids
✓ Lots of healthy proteins
✓ High fibre content
✓ No gluten, no soy
✓ Maximum taste

…and it’s also super tasty, spicy and fresh. Taste it for yourself!

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