You can eat pasta that is labelled gluten free. Mind you, with most gluten free pastas these days, you will be hard pushed to tell the difference. Enjoy...
Good news - wine is gluten free. So are spritis and liqueurs along with sherry and port. So fill your boots - in moderation of course!
Whilst fresh yeast is naturally free, some manufacturers use wheat starch in their products. So use the golden rule - check the ingredients.
It is estimated that around 1 in 100 of the UK population has the actual disease but only around a third of those are diagnosed. It is thought that there are at least half a million sufferers that haven't been diagnosed. Remember - this statistic doesn't cover gluten intolerance etc. It is a statistic on the actual disease itself.
The short answer is - no you don't. However, if your pet is continually ill and the vet cannot identify the problem, try them with gluten-free treats in our shop for a week or 2 to see if it makes a difference. If it does...
Very small amounts of gluten could be damaging to a sufferer. Thats is why it is so important to prevent cross contamination.
Yes, MSG is gluten free. It can be made from wheat, but that is broken down in the processing of the product. So it can be eaten safely.
You can happily drink coffee, cocoa, fruit juices, squash, tea, and of course water (plain or fizzy).
You need to be careful with things like toothpaste. Some contain something called Triticum (wheat, ), Hordeum (barley) or Avena (oats), etc. This is gluten. Check out our shop for gluten free toothpaste, to be safe
The short answer is - NO. Unless of course you eat lots and lots. As you know, if you eat excessively, you will put on weight - especially with the ymumy stuff we sell! So all you need to do is be sensible.
As soon as you switch over to a gluten free lifestyle, you should begin to feel better almost straight away
Snog away, basically. The amountg of gluten that could be passed from kissing is minimal -but wait util they have finished eating - and don't take a bite out of their hamburger!

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