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Here are ways to improve your health even further. It’s not just about gluten…


9 Superfoods to help you improve your digestion

9 Superfoods- Introduction Staying healthy is the dream of every human being. You can achieve this by making your immune system strong. To ensure a more robust immune system, you must focus on your gut health.   You may be wondering…
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Want to Start Cooking Gluten-Free? The Internet Is Here to Help!

Start Cooking Gluten-Free With the popularity of social media, cooking gluten-free is no longer an activity confined to the walls of your kitchen. Whether you’re a college student or an amateur chef, and as long as you have an interesting…
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Moringa – The Tree of Life

Moringa – Introduction For hundreds of years, cultures have known about and used the leaves from the incredible Moringa tree. Yet, in the “civilised” West, it is barely even heard of! Here are a couple of key facts: Moringa originates…
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plant-based cookbook

The Famous Plant-Based Cookbook (updated 2021)

Everyone knows that eating a plant-based diet is great for your health and waistline. But the problem is, it’s not always so great for your tastebuds… Leaving many people feeling like they’re sacrificing their favourite foods and guilty treats. That’s…
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From Mouth to Poop – How your Digestive System Works

The Digestive System – Introduction Your digestive system does essential work for your body. It has to break the food that goes into your body down into parts. This process enables you to get the nutrients you need from foods…
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Natural Herbal Remedies – Could They help to Treat Gluten Intolerance?

Natural Herbal Remedies – Introduction The popularity of natural herbal remedies is rapidly causing traditional medical practitioners to recognise the useful properties of the many thousands of known herbs that can heal and prevent many human and animal illnesses and…
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Flaxseeds – an Important Superfood Your Body Needs

Flaxseeds – such an Important Superfood Flaxseeds are also known as flax and linseed. It is a nutrient-rich seed that has become extremely popular over the last few years, primarily due to the potential health and weight loss benefits that…
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Plant-Based Diet for Gluten Intolerance

Plant-Based Diet – Introduction If you suffer with celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten, gluten-free eating is a mandatory diet that enables you to feel well. You simply have no choice but to avoid the protein called gluten found…
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Coeliac Disease and Associated Autoimmune Conditions

Associated Autoimmune Conditions – Introduction If you have one autoimmune condition, such as coeliac disease, you are more likely to develop another. For this reason, approximately 5 – 10% of people with diabetes also have coeliac disease. Even though it…
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hair care

Gluten-Free Cosmetics For Your Health & Beauty

Gluten-Free Cosmetics Introduction They say that by the time you leave home in the morning on the way to work, the school run, or to go out shopping etc., over 200 chemicals have been used on your body and hair.…
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