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Hello from Gluten Free Living in the UK!

Thanks for stopping by.

We are Karen and Trevor Blake, home entrepreneurs and trainers. Karen is a fantastic cook, a highly successful therapist and a nutritionist. I love growing my own produce, writing, researching and teaching.

We set up this website following several experiences regarding friends and family members who were suffering from unexplained ailments, or actual gluten intolerance which caused them problems (some of them being quite embarrassing, thus reducing their quality of life).

However, cutting out gluten in their diets became quite challenging. They were missing out on their favourite things and were finding it difficult to stay on their gluten-free diet whilst catering for partners and children. So we decided to pass on the knowledge and expertise that we have gained, following extensive research, plus trial and error.

We hope you gain valuable insights into being gluten-free and indeed can contribute your experiences, products that you have found, and recipes that work for you so that we can pass them on to others in the same boat.

Stay safe

Karen and Trevor



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