9 Superfoods to help you improve your digestion

9 Superfoods to help you improve your digestion

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9 Superfoods- Introduction

Staying healthy is the dream of every human being. You can achieve this by making your immune system strong. To ensure a more robust immune system, you must focus on your gut health.  

You may be wondering just exactly what ways you can utilise to improve your gut health and digestion. Well, one of the various (and obvious) ways is to eat healthily. 

Now the question is which type of food can improve your digestion to the maximum. There are several foods to function for your body and increase the population of healthy bacteria into the gut. 

Below are some superfoods that can make your gut stay healthy and happy. 

Why is digestion important for better health? 

Digestion is essential for overall well-being. This process ensures the breakdown of nutrients in the food into simple food. In this way, essential minerals and vitamins are delivered to the cell.

How efficiently your gut digest the food decides the comfort of your stomach and how much time you spend in the toilet. Besides, a better digestion level ensures a better energy level and overall health. 

You can improve your digestion considerably by eating a specific type of food. These foods either improve your digestion process in the stomach or support the intestines. And fibre is the best food to do so. NHS recommends taking 30g of fibre every day. 

However, fibre is not the only food; you can also take help from many other types of foods. 

9 superfoods to get a better gut

  1. Papaya

Whenever you think about Papaya, a refreshing and delicious taste comes to your mind. But, it’s not delicious but also contains digestive enzymes called chymopapain and papain. These enzymes ensure the breaking down of protein fibres.  

Moreover, papain gives relief from IBS symptoms like bloating and constipation. Many digestive supplements contain it as the primary enzyme.  

Another super ingredient in Papaya is fibre, which is essential to maintain healthy digestion. You can eat papayas in different ways. For example, you can add it to fruit salads, drizzle it with lime or eat its flesh.


2. Miso

Miso, a fermented food, ensures incredible health benefits. The most important advantage of it is improvement in digestion and the gut. 

If you don’t know what the Miso is, it’s a Japanese seasoning. It’s the fermentation of kōji and Soybean that produces this superfood

You can recognize its health potential from the fact that top wellness spas in the world offer it as breakfast. As an aside, even the people in Japan use it as a failsafe hangover. 

The probiotics present in Miso ensure that your gut has enough concentration of healthy bacteria. Besides, you can avoid various health issues likdiarrhoea. 

You can add Miso to your diet by having a cup of miso soup. You can use miso sachets to prepare a healthy cup of delicious soup in seconds.

NOTE: Most Miso is gluten-free. Check the ingredients!

3. Kefir

Kefir is a popular fermented milk drink that can aid digestion. But what is Kefir exactly is? Well, it is prepared by adding kefir ‘grains’ to milk. And it’s simple to prepare the kefir grains. One can prepare it by mixing the bacteria ad yeast with milk.

It can help your digestive system to digest lactose, reducing gas, cramps, and bloating. Studies have also proved the higher concentration of gut bacteria due to Kefir. Additionally, it also ensures that there are no harmful bacteria in your gut. Another great benefit of the Kefir is that it can reduce gut inflammation, which is a step towards better digestion. 

Supermarkets are loaded with flavoured kefir desserts and drinks. However, we would suggest you eating plain Kefir to avoid the side effects of added sugar. However, many people dislike the plain Kefir due to its tart taste. 

4. Ginger

Ginger has been known to have healing effects and other health benefits for years. One such benefit of this superfood is better digestion. Some other medicinal benefits of Ginger are lowering blood sugar and blood cholesterol level. But, most importantly, it can treat other gastrointestinal issues like vomiting and nausea. 

With Ginger, you can boost the mechanism of gastric emptying. This health benefit is great because you will be at lower risk of stomach discomfort, nausea, and heartburn due to the quick movement of the food from the stomach to the small intestine. 

With antimicrobial properties, Ginger enables the destruction of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. Particularly, Ginger prevents inflammation and stomach ulcers by fighting with bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori.

5. Chia seeds

These tiny chia seeds are packed with tons of nutrients and enriched with protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients. The most important benefits of the Chia seeds are the prevention of diabetes and heart diseases.

The higher fibre content of chia seeds makes them one the best foods for the improvement of digestion. 

The jelly-like substance of these tiny seeds acts like a prebiotic. These prebiotics improve bacterial growth, healthy stools, and bowel regularity. 

You can add chia seeds in various ways to your food. For instance, you can sprinkle it over salads, soups, and cereal. However, if you’re looking for something indulgent, go for chia seed pudding. 

6. Peppermint

In old times, people used to take Peppermint tea to treat digestive issues. Is it really effective? Yes, science supports this fact. 

The menthol that is present in Peppermint leaves can resolve various digestive issues like IBS symptoms, stomach pain, and bloating. In addition, it helps in relaxing the digestive tract’s muscles. 

Peppermint oil can reduce the indigestion process and speed up the movement of food to the digestive system. 

How can you add peppermint to your diet? You can add its leaves to desserts, smoothies, and salads. Drinking peppermint is also a great option, though. 

7. Yoghurt

Packed with probiotics, yoghurt is essential for digestion. But it doesn’t mean every yoghurt has probiotics. It’s the only live one that contains it. To this end, it would be best if you considered buying live yoghurt. Greek yoghurt is the best live yoghurt with a lot of probiotics. 

These probiotics improve the digestive system by resolving issues like diarrhoea, constipation, and bloating. In addition, digestion of lactose also becomes easy with these probiotics. So, if you love dairy products and have digestion issues, you must take yoghurt to digest dairy products quickly. 


8. Tempeh

Up to this ingredient, we have learned that fibres are best to improve digestion. And you will also find this ingredient in Tempeh. It is an Indonesian food and is obtained by the fermentation of soybeans. You can find it in our SHOP

Like other foods for the better gut, Tempeh also contains probiotics and improves the gut microbiome. These healthy bacteria surround the gut lining and prevent the attack of harmful bacteria. Ultimately, you will feel relief from the IBS symptoms such as irregular bowel movements, bloating, and diarrhoea. 

Again, check any Tempeh for the ingredients. One brand that is totally gluten-free is a brand called Tofurky

9. Moringa

We cannot get over the amazing benefits of this extraordinary superfood. We have left it until last, but it is, in our view, the number one superfood that you can get.

Head over to our Moringa article, to discover more. You will be amazed. (it is of course, available in our SHOP

Final Verdict..!!

Most foods are rich in fibre content and provide you better digestive system. On the other hand, fermented foods likKefir, Miso, and Yoghurt are paced with probiotics and give a boost to your digestive health. 

So, it is important for you to follow only a whole and healthy diet. But what if you don’t know how you can start eating healthy. Well, I would suggest you add an extra portion of vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. You can also add chia seed pudding to your lunch or dinner menu. 

For more information or assistance with this article, or if you want to add something that you feel is relevant, we would love to hear from you via the Contact Us page.

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